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Do I need a ticket or a tag?

No, the warden can check if you have an active parking session by checking your car's registration plate.

How does parkbytext work?

parkbytext is a method for parking your vehicle that makes use of mobile phone and online technologies to make the parking experience more customer-friendly and convenient.

parkbytext Account Holders:
Initiate parking session by:

• Text: PARK [location code] [duration] to 51155

Note: Duration can be hour (h), day (d), week (w) or month (m).
e.g. PARK 0765 D to 51155 to park for one day at location 0765
e.g. PARK 0765 W to 51155 to park for one week at location 0765

• App: Click “Create Parking Pass” tab

Simply download the parkbytext™ app from the App Store / Google Play log-in, and then click on the “Create Parking Pass” tab.

• Online: Log-in and click “Pre-Pay” button or click “Pre-Pay” button directly from the homescreen.

• Phone: Call: 0818 444 999

Will I receive confirmation of my parking transaction?

Yes, once you create the parking transaction you will receive confirmation that the parking transaction has been successful. 

Confirmation of successful parking transactions are received in the following ways:
  • By Text: a confirmation is received by text
  • By App: a confirmation screen is shown and the parking transaction is saved into your History
  • By Phone: A confirmation text is received
  • By parkbytext 2Bill: A confirmation text is received
  • Online: There is an option to select to receive a confirmation text. If not selected Account Holders will see the transaction in the Account Statement and Pre-Pay Parking pages. Non Account Holders will receive an email confirming the successful parking transaction. 

Do I have to be a parkbytext Account Holder to use parkbytext?

No - although creating an account is extremely easy to do (online or text), you do not have to be an account holder to use parkbytext. 

For a customer who is not an account holder can initiate a parking session by:
  • Text: PARK [location code] [car registeration] to 51155
e.g. PARK  0765 141D12345 to 51155

Payment instructions are sent to your mobile phone by text message. 
  • Online: Click Pre Pay button directly from the home screen

Do I need to use the parking meter?

No, this system is completely independent of parking meters.

Do I need to be near my vehicle to park?

You can pay for parking from wherever you are in the world using your mobile phone so as long as your account is activated and we have your vehicle details. You will need to know the location code for the car-park you are parking in - this can be found on the signage on online.

How do I know if my balance is running low?

Two ways:

1: You can look at your Account Statement online 
2: We will send you a text message once it goes below the minimum balance level. For account holders that have selected the Auto-Topup option, they don't have to worry about this, as once the balance reaches the minimum balance level, their account will automatically be topped up.

How does parkbytext know that an account holder is calling?

parkbytext account holders using the parkbytext service must have Caller Id enabled on the mobile phone they registered with parkbytext in order to be identified by the system.

If you do not have Caller Id switched on then the parkbytext phone system will state this and terminate the call. Please contact your mobile operator for more details on how to enable caller ID on your mobile phone.

Can I register multiple times with one mobile phone number?

No. Each mobile phone number can only be associated with one parkbytext account. You can have a maximum of two mobile phone numbers on one account i.e. his and hers for example. 

You can also have multiple cars and multiple payment cards registered too - but you have to tell us which vehicle and which payment card you are using. We instruct as we go, so it's easy.

Can I change my account low balance threshold to a different amount?

Yes - you can change your Auto Top-up Threshold Level - this is the low balance threshold value. Login to and go to the home page, in Account Settings you can set this value. You can also change your Auto Top-up Amount.

How do I pay by SMS?

You do not strictly "pay" using SMS - you can start your parking session using SMS i.e. Text PARK [location-code] [duration] to 51155 - however payment will come off your parkbytext Account Balance.

Does my parking payment get charged to my phone bill or credit?

Parking payments are debited from your parkbytext account (for account holders) or from your debit / credit card (for non-account holders). parkbytext have now introduced a new service called parkbytext 2Bill which allows customers to charge their parking payment to their mobile phone credit or mobile phone bill. See the next FAQ for more information.

How can I make a parking payment to my mobile phone bill or credit?

parkbytext have now introduced a new service called parkbytext 2Bill which allows customers to charge the parking payment to their mobile phone credit or mobile phone bill. It's as easy as sending a text and there is no need to register.

This service is currently available in Heuston, Connolly, Kent & Ceannt Stations and it is available to customers of Vodafone, O2 and Three. 
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To make a payment simply text:
    Duration + Location + Car Reg to 51155
For example:
    TODAY 1278 141D2345 to 51155
    to park for 24 hours at Heuston Station 

    WEEK 1278 141D2345 to 51155
    to park for 7 days in Heuston Station. 

For queries contact the parkbytext Help Desk on 0818 444 999. 

•   This service is available & charged at cash prices in Heuston, Connolly, Kent (€9/day, €28/week) & Ceannt (€6/day) stations

•   A confirmation text will be sent to you once the transaction has been made

•   This transaction will be visible on your mobile phone statement. For parkbytext account holders who use 2Bill, it is not visible on their parkbytext account statement, just their mobile phone statements.

•   You can save up to a third on your parking as an account holder. Register today via our homepage

Disclaimer: It is the user's responsibility to send the correct format & details in the SMS message. A parking transaction performed without the correct format & details may result in an enforcement action. A confirmation text will be sent to you, if you have not received this you may have entered the details incorrectly and as a result your vehicle is not registered with us. Powered by (0818 220 818)

What if I don't get a SMS receipt after I parked by text?

If you do not get an SMS receipt after you park, it may be because there is a problem with SMS, and your vehicle may still be covered to park. However, you must check that your car is paid to parked by going online and checking the “Pre-pay Parking” section, or by checking the “Parking History” tab in the parkbytext App.

How much does it cost?

There is a maintenance fee of 50c per month per User for credit & debit card web accounts.

• Standard network charges apply for all texts.

• A convenience charge will apply per parking session. These charges vary based on location. Please see signage at the location for a list of convenience charges. 

• SMS reminders sent to the account holder are charged at 20c per message received. 

• Calls to 0818 444 999 are charged at your service provider's national call rate.

How do I know what parking location I am in?

Each parking facility has signage displayed with the relevant Location Number. This 4 digit location number is required to use the parkbytext service and it is assigned and unique to that individual location.

How do I pre-pay?

You can go online to and visit Pre-Pay Parking page - then click the Pre-Pay button. This will open a dialog box. Once you have all your information filled out click Pre-Pay and you will create a new parking session. You can view this newly created parking session under the Pre-pay parking button in the table with all your parking history. Using the pre-pay facility does not reserve a parking space in the required location.